Strong - Heavy - Tailormade

The fixed automatic SHT Overheight Frame (OHF) / Overheight Spreader and the SHT Telescopic Overheight Frame (TOF) - the only truly autonomous overheight frame types in the market, ideal for your over-sized cargo / open top / flat rack containers.

Why Choose Us

The only truly autonomous frame

No batteries. No sun collectors. No external energy.

Safe time and reduce maintencance cost. The SHT Overheight frame / overheight spreader for oversized cargo / goods is fully automatic and self-sufficient without electric power. For its operation nothing more is required than the normal turning force coming from every spreader.

No parking frame required

Just park your frame wherever it is more efficient.

Many purely mechanical overhead frames / overheight spreaders require a parking frame, which hinders the flexiblity of ports to park and use the frame according to their optimized preferences. Just set down and pick up everywhere with all types of spreaders.

Proven & robust design

Most sturdy and durable design on the market.

Our solution is designed to 40 times G-Force. In the robust world of a port this guarantees reliable operations and a long service life.

Unmatched track record

High quality made in Germany - successful for nearly 40 years.

The SHT frame is fully engineered and made in Germany with durable high quality components. It is based on the long history of MWB and Sort + Store frames. Even at those times it was already build at SHT.

Your Options

20ft fixed Overheight Frame / Spreader (OHF)

Our 20ft fully autonomous Overhead Frame / Spreader unit with robust design.

40ft fixed Overheight Frame / Spreader (OHF)

Our 40ft fully autonomous Overhead Frame / Spreader unit with robust design.

20-40ft Telescopic Overheight Frame / Spreader (TOF)

The best of both worlds - telescope between sizes 20ft and 40ft with the force of the spreader only.

2.1/2.5/3m Overheight

Each model is available with height options of 2.1/2.5/3m height / overheight. Special height can be provided on request.

Locking indication

We provide many useful options and equipment to indicate the twistlock locking status.

Special needs

Strong. Heavy. Tailormade. That is our motto - so talk to us regarding your special equipment preferences and requirements of products.

Study our Overheight Frame / Overheigth spreader in detail

You want to know all information about our overhead frame / overheight spreader (OHF) or telescopic overhead frame (TOF)? Download the product brochures directly from this website with all information here and read all there is to know.

Download OHF brochure Download TOF brochure

High performance -
low operating costs

Operations as easy as on a standard container lashing
Low maintenance, no electric failures
50t+ lifting capacity
- 20°C up to 55°C
product designed to highest universal standards
40 x G-Force resistant
goes with any container spreader
prime coating specification
best client references in ports around the globe
Handy Overheight Frame

A powerful (overheight) frame for
your business

Do you want to browse through our fixed or telescopic Overhead Frame products brochures right now here on the internet. No problem, just go ahead.

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Key features


Easy lashing & handling

  • Pick-up by the master spreader (same procedure as for all spreaders on a standard container).
  • Placement on the out-of-gauge cargo and simple locking by unlocking and relocking the spreader twistlocks.
  • High safety: The twisting of the OHF’s twistlocks is only possible if they are correctly aligned. All four safety pins have to be pushed in simultaneously.
  • Clear optical indication of OHF twistlock position. All four TWLs rotate simultaneously and lock at a exactly 90° position. The spreader twistlock activation angle is only 65°.
  • After having put down the cargo, the driver decides whether the OHF remains on the container or if the handling device takes it away. So handling works as with any other containers.


Product benefits (1)

  • No need for internal or external energy supply (electric or other); the OHF system is supplied solely by the torque of the master spreaders twistlocks and can be handled as a universal container.
  • No need for extensions or modifications on the spreader, very flexible application regardless of the spreader brand and no interference with warranty issues of third parties.
  • No need for storage facility, the device can be kept anywhere and is always ready for use.
  • Simple operation mode, the driver can concentrate fully on his or her job at hand.
  • Significantly increased operational safety during cargo handling, due to automated process.
  • Function is independent of the direction of rotation of the master spreader’s TWLs.
  • Telescopic frame is extended by the force of the spreaders.


Product benefits (2)

  • Fully automatic and autonomous frames for oversized cargo / open top containers /flat racks. Ideal to handle for stevedores / crane operators.
  • Sturdy and stable construction, design compliance for rough operating conditions.
  • Consistent lightweight construction enables maximum payload capacity on each spreader type.
  • Manual emergency operation without spreaders possible for all OHF TWL’s together or each one separately.
  • Improve overpations by low maintenance cost and high availability.
  • Product advantages have been proven by many years of terminal servicing under different climate conditions.
  • A world-wide network of sales partners guarantees reliable service and quick spare part deliveries.


Safest structure

  • Universal container dimensions 20ft - 40ft.
  • Robust, safe and light weight ST-52-3 steel construction.
  • Consists of four posts connected to strong carrier frame.
  • 42CrMo4V twistlocks with 3.1b certificate on each foot.
  • Hydraulic circuit for safety check of correct alignment and safe lashing, fail-safe lashing without electric power need.
  • Ratchet gear box for switching the OHF twistlocks, activated by the hydraulic system.
  • Optical indicators for position of the OHF twistlocks (2 on upper and 2 on narrow front side), can be adapted to customer preferences.
  • Steel construction sand-blasted for durable product.
  • Coating with rust inhibiting primer – double top coating with a thickness of up to 200µm, or according to your preferences.